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Saturday 26 November 2005

From: Mike Fonfe

Received by: Email.

Top America’s swimming organisation, Total Immersion, lends its support Aid Sri Lanka’s Swimming Project

Terry Laughlin, the Founder and Director of America’s top swimming coaching organisation, Total Immersion Inc, has just made the Aid Sri Lanka Women’s Swimming Project his flagship charity by giving Christina and her Sri Lankan swimmers the front page of his online magazine, TOTAL SWIM. Chris has long been a devotee of Terry’s Total Immersion swimming teaching and coaching system, which is founded on the principles of balanced, effortless and graceful passage through the water. Terry is supporting Chris with books, teaching material and DVDs, as well as a huge effort on publicity. The Women’s Swimming Association swimming teacher program is currently being developed on the principles and practices of Total Immersion, which will eventually make the Women’s Swimming Project a centre of Total Immersion Excellence in Sri Lanka.

Our grateful thanks to Terry for his generous contribution to our efforts,

Best wishes,

Mike from Marlow, Bucks, Great Britain.

Top America's swimming organisation, Total Immersion, lends its support Aid Sri Lanka's Swimming Project